Switching to sustainable packaging may do more for your brand than you think. In today’s market, with increasingly environmentally conscious consumers, brands that ignore the evolving consumer climate will inevitably be left behind.

This is why we think the smartest time to switch to environmentally sustainable packaging is now. And here’s why!

Branding is about Reaching Your Audience

If the consumer of today is demanding brands to be more sustainable in business practices, then you as a brand should be focusing on delivering on that expectation. This is even more important because brands all over the world are already rushing to jump ahead in the race for sustainable production.

McDonalds has announced that by 2025, all of its packaging will come from renewable, recycled or certified sources. Amazon has switched to its signature ‘frustration free’ packaging, which isn’t just cost efficient, but also claims to have eliminated a whopping 215,000 tons of packaging material! And Cocoa-Cola is among the world’s first to begin production in PET plastic bottles made entirely from plant based materials.

If market leaders are following the sustainable packaging trend, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t too!

An Environmentally Friendly Brand Image Will Boost Brand Loyalty

If your brand is in line with consumer’s ethical and moral beliefs, they will be more likely to remain loyal to you, or even switch to your brand from another that is not in line with their principles.

The best part about switching to sustainable packaging is that you will not need to break your bank in order to catch up with the brand image that’s been cultivated by the likes of McDonalds or Amazon.

Sustainable Packaging is Cost Efficient

Sustainable packaging does not just refer to using inexpensive materials to market your goods as environmentally friendly. It also means measures that are associated with other aspects of packaging such as reducing unnecessary waste, clearly labeling products, and using more recyclable material such as cardboard, paper, and glass.

Small changes can have big impacts, and it doesn’t require dealing out wads of cash. It just means you dedicate yourself to meeting the trends that will be driving the environmentally sustainable markets of the future.

It’s Good for the Environment

At the end of the day, investing in sustainable packaging efforts is going to help boost your brands value and loyalty across the board. But in the long run, it will also help the planet. And if that is an impact your business can have, it’s a darn good one!


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