Why is Multi Media Promotion Such a Big Deal?

If you aren’t using multi-media in your marketing strategy, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to garner consumer engagement. Research shows that tweets containing images receive almost five times the amount of engagement in contrast to those that don’t. If that wasn’t convincing enough, statistics show more than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube every single day. Let that sink in for a moment.

It only makes sense that in a market so saturated with content, in order to stand out you will have to take a multifaceted approach to creating your content. And one of the biggest tools is video marketing.

Why Video Content is So Successful in Marketing

It’s Versatile

Video content is no longer restricted to pre-recorded clips. Live streaming, virtual reality, and 360 degree perspective videos all offer consumers the chance to interact with your brand in new and engaging ways that traditional content doesn’t.

It Gives Businesses a Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

With the ability to place a purchase option after viewing content on platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, businesses are getting faster ROI’s. This is not just restricted to social media. Even on blogs and websites, the presence of videos increases the order value of a product by at least 50%.

Better SEO

Embedding videos on your website can help you rank higher on Google, thus increasing the amount of traffic on your website. In fact, traffic can go up by almost 55% if you use videos in your content.

More Personalized

Videos make a much larger impact on people because they offer the chance to get to know the business in a much more personalized way. It engages your senses differently than just reading a blog post and leaves you feeling more connected to their message.

How to Make Content that Resonates

Whether you’re positing pictures on Instagram or tweeting videos with trending hashtags – the core aspect of creating content that resonates with your audience can be broken down into two chunks;

1. Know Your Audience
2. Know Your Platform

A 30 second video may work on Instagram but it will be less effective on YouTube. Similarly, a long caption may be great for your Facebook post, but not have the same impact as multiple tweets on twitter.

There is no one-formula-fits-all solution to creating creative multimedia content. Just like the medium, the content too needs to be multifaceted. Relying on any one medium – be it video, text, or images – is restricting yourself to the benefits of that medium alone. On the contrary, if you were to combine all three, your impact would not only be bigger, it would last a lot longer too.


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