Have you been seeing a lot of women carrying backpacks lately and wondering why that is so? Read on to learn more about this changing trend!

It wasn’t long ago when handbags were used to make a style statement and were considered one of the most important elements in a woman’s attire. But, things have been changing lately, and handbags seem to be losing their importance or the exalted place in women’s closets.

It’s Research-Backed

A research study published in NDP Group, in October 2019, reported that the sales of women’s handbags and tote bags dropped by 20% in the first eight months of 2019, as compared to 2016. The significant decrease in sales is identified by experts as a major shift in consumer priorities because there has also been a significant increase noticed in the sales of backpacks.

Why Backpacks Are Gaining Popularity Among Women

People, women in this case, have started to prefer convenience over fashion and style. They are not just looking for a bag to make a style statement anymore. Rather, they want a bag that offers a solution and backpacks do just that.

What’s even more surprising is that backpacks have not just been gaining popularity among kids or college girls, but professional women as well. However, this doesn’t mean that young girls are not using backpacks; they have also been following this new trend just like their elders.

Here are some of the key reasons behind this major shift in women’s preferences:

  • Backpacks are more convenient than handbags. They are easy to carry as well as allow people to be more functional by keeping their hands free.
  • They allow a person to carry a lot more stuff than can be fitted into a handbag. This is highly useful and practical in today’s world where a large number of people carry their digital devices almost everywhere.
  • Backpacks are also more practical to carry when going on a day-long business trip or a meeting, as women can easily fit in a lot of other stuff that they would want to carry, like a deodorant, perfume, sanitary napkins, and makeup. You can even fit in your gym clothes into a backpack if you prefer working out in your office gym or on your way back home.
  • The priorities of today’s women have changed. They are no more willing to spend hundreds of dollars on buying designer handbags just for the sake of fashion or to use them as a status symbol.

The shift in the trend is evident and according to the NDP Group report, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. In other words, it seems that handbags have lost their glory for good. So, if you are still thinking whether you should buy a backpack or not, get your confusions cleared and replace your stylish but impractical handbag with a cool and a lot more useful bagpack.

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