Tech rules our lives, so much so that almost everything we do now in our daily day-to-day is somehow dictated by tech. With every new gadget that’s released, there is double the number of accessories that flood the market. But which ones offer real value, which ones are worth the money?

We’ve got a roundup of the hottest trends of the past year, so you can see if you’ve kept up!

What’s Trending in Phone Accessories?

Phone accessories have reached a new level of functionality, allowing you to get the most out of your mobile. Developers are experimenting with different materials from silicone to magnesium and polycarbonate, in an effort to play around with the benefits each material offers.

Here are some of the top trending phone companions of this year.

1. Pop Sockets

Pop sockets can be summed up in three words: versatile, simple, genius. These little round disks have taken the globe by storm.

These little strokes of genius were born out of the need for a simple technicality – our phone screens were getting bigger and our hands were feeling smaller. In came the pop sockets, a perfect midway dock for your fingers to grip your phone without overstretching your hands. They ‘pop’ out twice to give you different gripping options so you can get that perfect selfie every single time.

3. Key Rings

Similar to pop sockets in function, but different in design – key rings are also a hot trend as far as phone accessories go. They come in a variety of different styles and offer slightly better grip than pop sockets due to the option of letting you hook your finger through the ring.

This may be a more suitable option for the much larger phone models that need extra grip support.

4. Multi-functional Phone Cases

Everyone knows phones are only as interesting as their cases. This year, in addition to the usual creative colors and patterns, cases had features that aimed at helping your phone perform better too.

From attached wallets and selfie lights, to battery powered cases, to covers that are heat proof and waterproof to suit your climate – phone cases have graduated from being an aesthetic addition to a straight up upgrade for your phone!

What’s Trending in Laptop Accessories?

1. Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

If you’ve got a laptop that doubles as a tablet, investing in a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse helps with portability and usability of your gadget.

No matter how much we might try to get comfortable with it, a traditional mouse just provides so much more comfort than a trackpad!

2. External Bluetooth Speakers

If you love your music, or your laptop doesn’t quite have the volume capability you like, investing in a pair of Bluetooth speakers may be what you need. They range from small and portable to larger and louder based on your needs. They’re definitely a popular accessory pick!

5. External Hard Drives/USB

Backing up your data or having a portable option for when you can’t haul your laptop around is an essential component of getting the most out of your tech.

If you haven’t added any of the accessories above to your collection yet, you better hurry before the next wave of inventions is upon us! After all, no industry quite beats the tech industry when it comes to innovation!


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