Have you ever taken a look at the headquarters of companies like Google and Instagram? They are like an office worker’s dream. It is getting increasingly obvious that offices are continuing to transform based on changing workplace cultures and trends.

Previously, we have seen office cubicles change to open-air communal spaces with an addition of numerous amenities. But what remains the same is the desire to create an optimal office space.

Here are a few tips to make the most of your modern office:

Create an Open-Plan Layout

Your workplace reflects not just how you work but how well you work. Hence, an office layout should be more than just separating divisions and departments by grey walls. A modern office space consists of open-plan space, pulled-down partitions, and rearranged desk layout. Not only does an open plan layout make your office looks better, brighter, and lighter, but it offers employees more rooms to collaborate.

A room that is open plan means your employees won’t have to wind their way through a maze of cubicles just to go to a conference room. Employers can also give freedom to their workers to not have a single dedicated place to work at, giving them the opportunity to rotate and mingle in with people of other departments, if they need to collaborate.

Make Break-Out Spaces

Modern offices are more than just a room filled with workstations. Employers these days know that their workers need time to break away from the office environment to get their creative juices flowing. This space does not just mean a place where you can have lunch, but is actually used to aid your productivity with a chance to work away from your computer.

The best thing about break away spaces as that they can be as informal as you want and have a home-like atmosphere. You can also make them creative, fun, and cool by adding some mood-boosting elements that make employees want to spend time there. These could be using flowers and plants, adding nature features, hanging modern art, adding stimulating pops of color, introducing office pets, or many other things that can enhance your employees’ work experience.

These places help employees break out from their mundane jobs and come together to discuss work-related topics in a casual and relaxed setting.

Introduce More Amenities

Modern offices are increasingly proving perks to their employees. These range from offering an array of healthy snacks to a fully-stocked bar. Some offices also provide an on-site masseuse service to make sure their employees remain content and at peak physical health.

Though all offices offer coffee, there are some that go the extra mile to introduce health food cafés into their companies which are incredibly popular. Some other amenities include offering a studio or gym space, or an outside space like a terrace or rooftop, which can be a great place to interact. One of the best things that many companies are seeing into is the introduction of nurseries for their employees’ young children.

Impact on Effectiveness and Efficiency

When you have to spend at least eight hours a day at work, you often start feeling disconnected from your home life. At the same time, you begin to lose passion for what you do as your work and home life balance goes out of whack.

A modern office space and amenities are not just something cool to have. Some of us can’t even work if we don’t have a break out space, game rooms, and perks in our office. That’s the reason why you will be hearing more about the modern office in the coming future.


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