Has your dream team of employees that you worked really hard to build not performing the way they
used to, lately? Have they lost the vigor to perform better and seem to be complacent with how things
are going?
Well, we have bad news for you – your team lacks inspiration and motivation!

But, the good thing is that this problem can be easily fixed. All it needs is a little effort from your side and your team will be back to its best.

Here are some proven ways to inspire and motivate your employees to continue giving their best performance:

Create a Pleasant Workplace and a Friendly Work Environment

It has been a well-known fact that our environment can have a huge impact on our mood, behavior, and performance. Places that make us feel happy and relaxed help improve our creativity and productivity, whereas places that make us feel uncomfortable, pressured, or stressed have a negative impact on our mood and performance.

As a business owner or manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that your office is a place where people would want to come to, every day, and feel eager to work.

For this, you need to evaluate both the physical surroundings and the work environment. Make sure the space is aesthetically pleasing, the systems are up-to-date, and the work culture is such that the team members are willing to cooperate and not trying to pull each other down.

Acknowledge and Appreciate Your Employees’ Hard Work and Achievements

Nothing makes employees feel worse than seeing their hard work and efforts go unnoticed and/or unacknowledged.

Being recognized and appreciated for your efforts and achievements is one of the fundamental human needs. And the acknowledgment and appreciation that comes from the boss, even if it is just verbal, can do wonders in keeping the employees inspired and motivated to give their best. It tells them that their efforts aren’t going unnoticed and makes them feel valued. So, give credit when it’s due.

Reward Them

Although acknowledgment and appreciation are essential in a professional environment and play a key role in uplifting the morale of your employees, you shouldn’t just rely on it only. In the long run, your employees will need more than just a pat on their back in return for their time and effort. They want to be compensated for it.

While everyone loves monetary rewards and you should have an appraisal and incentive program in place, it doesn’t always have to be a bonus or a raise. Even simple things like taking your best performers for a lunch or a day-off after the successful completion of a very challenging project can provide great results.

The Final Word

Since your employees spend most time of their day at the office, you need to make sure that everything from the physical surroundings to the work culture is pleasant, welcoming, and comfortable. Too much pressure or stress negatively affects performance and productivity, in the long run. Therefore, as a business owner or manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that your team doesn’t dread coming to work. Make your office a place where people feel valued. Do not treat them as machines or robots. They are humans and you should treat them in a way that they feel eager to come to work and are willing to contribute to the company’s success.


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