The fashion industry is always evolving. With every passing season, there are different colors, patterns, and prints that are trending. But trends are like cycles. They go in and out of style and it’s difficult to stay on top of all that’s happening.

If you’re overwhelmed, don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of 4 upcoming fashion trends for 2019 that you should keep an eye out for.

  1. Bright Color Palette

According to Pantone’s seasonal report, 2019 is going to see a splurge of color. The palette that is predicted to be in style contains bright colors such as orange, deep blue, fuchsia, coral pink , and turmeric yellow to name a few.

But while these colors may be making an appearance in stores next year, this doesn’t mean that the classic neutrals will go out of style. Soft browns and creams are expected to stay as structure pieces. These earth toned hues also tie in with the fashion industry’s attempts to become more environmentally conscious.

2.  Eco Friendly Materials

With the globe in an outcry over environmental awareness, it is no surprise that fashion trends for 2019 are utilizing eco-conscious materials such as fake fur in an attempt to conserve the planet. These fabrics are no less high quality than other options but they speak of a deeper desire to care for Mother Nature. Other fabrics to look out for are denim, light linens, and jacquard.

3. Layering Patterns and Pieces

Another emerging trend for 2019 seems to be the layering of prints and patterns. From a rise in popular checkered shirts to lively florals and animal prints, everything seems to be coming together one on top of the other to give 2019’s fashion trends a visual explosion of color and design. If that wasn’t enough, experts also predict that layers items on top of each other will also be a trend to look out for.
4. Cozy, Simple Comfort

The fashion industry may be brimming with over the top, borderline odd designs and trends. However, one thing to notice in predications for 2019 is that this year will focus a lot on simplicity and comfort. Cozy, loose, large clothing is coming back to replace the tight silhouettes of the previous years.

5. Sporty Accessories

The trend for bright, sporty accessories is going to be big in 2019. This doesn’t mean you will need to pull out your tennis shoes just yet! But adding a pop of color to casual outfits through bags, glasses, shoes and hats will all be en vogue next year. If it still seems daunting to digest, that’s alright. Remember, fashion is what you make it. There is no uniform trend that fits all, it’s completely individualistic. So take these trends and make them your own! Mix and match until you find your own unique sense of style.


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