There’s no doubt that the business climate has changed in a number of ways over the past few years. Trends come and go, but some of them stick around as permanent changes in attitudes. Technology, globalization, environmental awareness – all of these factors have contributed to a shift in perspective.

Going forward into 2019, here are five changes we predict will define the businesses of today and tomorrow.

1. Heightened focus on packaging and design

Packaging and design is becoming more innovative with every passing year, and we predict it will only continue to be a focal point for businesses. The focus will not solely be on aesthetics but also on how the packaging can be more environmentally sustainable and friendly. We can already see big brands such as McDonald’s and Amazon committing to reducing and ultimately eliminating packaging waste.

2. Flexible work environments

The traditional 9-5 work space is diminishing to make way for a more flexible work environment, where workers will be able to choose to work from outside a strict office environment. Advancing technology now allows for collaborative team efforts without the need to be physically present. This is why we predict that in the coming year, more businesses will adopt flexible work habits.

3. Faster delivery services

Businesses are now pushing themselves to offer the fastest possible delivery service to match the fast pace of today’s consumer lifestyle. This has taken the level from a standard five-day shipping up to express same-day-shipping options, even for small businesses.

4. Prioritization of product safety

In this market, businesses cannot afford to overlook any product safety protocols. The widespread accountability comes as a result of growing consumer awareness as well as tools to share experiences publicly with a global audience. With the click of a button, businesses can be exposed, which ruins their reputation.

5. Find the value

Instead of hyper focus on product marketing and profit, businesses will continue to add value to what they produce and stand for. Whether it’s through a clearly defined purpose, sustainable sourcing, or partnership with brands and causes holding similar values – the business model is becoming increasingly personalized. There is no space for empty, cold business models focused solely on sales.

It’s important to understand the shifting trends and align your business according to them. Otherwise, you run the risk of falling behind the performance curve. And in this age when consumers are becoming more aware of the kind of businesses they choose to interact with, it would be a grave mistake to stick to old ways instead of innovating and developing according to emerging trends.


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