Promoting awareness campaigns are incredibly important. They can help educate, treat, and prevent a great number of issues that people face but may not know about. Campaigns like the breast cancer awareness programs help people understand they may be at risk and how to take preventive measures. While on the other hand, campaigns such as Autism awareness and food allergy awareness exist to educate the masses about conditions that they may not have been aware of before and teaches them how to deal with people suffering through something similar.

Awareness campaigns are a great to align with your brand. They allow you to influence and impact society in a positive way, and it’s also a great way to use marketing for a good cause. There are a number of ways through which you can use awareness campaigns to maximize brand impact. We’ve listed two easy ways below;

1. Use Pre-existing Symbolism
Most awareness campaigns have their own symbols. The pink ribbon for breast cancer, the colorful puzzle pieces for autism, the rainbow flag for LGBTQ rights, and the teal pumpkin for food allergies are all examples of how symbolism becomes a strong component of these campaigns.

This makes it incredibly easy to associate your brand with a campaign, especially if there is a dominant color that you can associate yourself with, such as the pink for break cancer. Changing the colors on your logo as a symbolic gesture, having your staff dress up in that color for a day, or sharing a badge and banner on your website with the symbol are all ways of aligning yourself to a cause.

2. Choose Unique Promo Products

A great way to keep people engaged is to choose promo products that are aligned with the cause you want to support. You should customize the products you choose based on the situation and your audience. For example, a branded water bottle or T-shirt with the symbol of the pink ribbon would be a great promo product for breast cancer awareness. On the contrary, if you are simply holding a seminar at work then going for something more subtle like a mug would work just fine.

Promo products are a great part of these campaigns because if they are unique and spike a person’s interest, they are likely to keep them around for a long time and by consequence, they will feel more inclined to remain engaged with the cause and your brand.

But that doesn’t mean that promo products are the only way that you can support or host an awareness campaign. With the widespread reach of social media, a solid online campaign with lots of creative multi-media content can boost visibility, not only for your brand but for your awareness campaign as well.

Your goal, in addition to being supportive of an important social cause, is also to get consumers to resonate with your brand and build an image that shows them you are not just a faceless corporation but you also have values that matter. They should also realize that your intention as a business is not just to profit but also to make a positive impact on society as a whole.


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