Going on a trip? Make sure you pack your carry-on right! Read on to find out the must-have items in your carry-on whenever you travel.

Traveling can provide some of the best experiences and memories of one’s life. But, there are certain factors that can turn it into a nightmare –wrong packing is one of them.

It is common for people, especially novice travelers, to get overwhelmed and want to pack their entire wardrobe in a suitcase. On the flip side, it is also easy to forget packing necessary items.

While these are two commonly known scenarios when it comes to packing for a trip, there is a third situation too that most inexperienced travelers overlook. Packing all your stuff in the luggage or packing wrong items in the carry-on is going to be equally, if not more, troubling as packing too much or too less.

Why What You Have In Your Carry-On Is So Important?

Imagine you miss a connecting flight and get stranded on an airport for several hours or you don’t get your luggage upon reaching the destination. Upon inquiring, you are informed that the airline has somehow misplaced your luggage and need a couple of days to track it.

It is in such situations that a carry-on comes to your rescue, provided you have packed the right things in it!

Apart from these dreadful situations, a carry-on also helps you get through long-haul flights.

15 Essential Items to Have In Your Carry-On When Traveling

To have a comfortable journey and to be prepared for the worst, here are some of the essential items you should have in your carry-on bag when traveling:

  1. An inflatable travel pillow.
  2. A blanket scarf or a sweater; airplanes and airports tend to get quite cold.
  3. A portable phone charger along with the cord and a power bank – the last thing you want is to end up stranded on an airport with a dead phone battery.
  4. A universal travel adapter – to be able to charge all your electronic devices anywhere.
  5. Ear pods – for obvious reasons.
  6. Disinfecting wipes – as disgusting as it may sound, everything at the airport and in the plane has colonies of bacteria and you don’t want to take the risk while traveling.
  7. One or two extra clothes, according to the available space.
  8. A small medical pouch with your prescription medicines (if you have any), common cold and allergy medications, and a band-aid. Do carry your prescription along with the medicines as the airport authorities may ask for it. Also, people who have diabetes or blood pressure should also carry monitoring machines in their carry-ons.
  9. Contact lens case along with its solution, if you wear them. Also, make sure to always have a pair of your prescription glasses in the carry-on.
  10. A small bag with travel-sized toiletries, a face moisturizer, hand cream, lip balm, and a deodorant.
  11. A tablet, iPod, or kindle – for some extra entertainment.
  12. A copy of your passport – in case you need it, let’s say for buying a phone sim in another country.
  13. A pair of slides and socks – for comfort.
  14. Noise-canceling headphones because it can get very noisy at airports.
  15. For women, sanitary napkins are another must-have item in the carry-on.

There you have it – the ultimate list of must-have items in your carry-on bag no matter how long or short your trip is.

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