COVID-19 has changed life in many ways. One of them is the evolution of face masks from being protective gear to a fashion accessory. Read to learn more about it!
Ever since the CDC issued recommendations that everyone in the US should wear a face mask when going out in public .the protective gear is readily making its way into the mainstream culture. Several celebrities have been spotted wearing face masks lately, further increasing their popularity and making it a norm. Responding to the changing scenario and increased demand for face masks, several bands and retailers have also started making and stocking face masks. Their intended purpose was to fill the gap in the market. However, they produced face masks in so many varieties and designs that the protective gear seems to have become a kind of fashion trend. Their popularity can be understood by the fact that when Kim Kardashian launched her own line of face masks, they got sold out in less than 30 minutes.

Why People Are Opting for Stylish Face Masks

Although face masks are more of a necessity than a fashion accessory, people are increasingly opting for the masks that either match their outfits or reflect their personalities. It’s important to mention here that this shouldn’t be taken for people trivializing the pandemic.
Since these masks are designed to cover most of the face and have become an integral part of our daily life for the unforeseeable future, people are just using them as tools to showcase their particular style and personality.
While most people use standard face masks, some choose unique and more stylish ways of covering their mouth and nose. For example, Chris Pine and his girlfriend, Annabelle Wallis, were spotted covering their faces with bandanas.
Another trend that is increasingly gaining popularity in the west is the use of snood hoodies, the Japanese streetwear that has long been popular in many Asian countries.
Fashion Brands Contributing to COVID-19 Relief Efforts
The spring of 2020 witnessed many brands, from small to elite, converting their ateliers into PPE manufacturing hubs. In addition to this, many fashion brands are also contributing to relief efforts through monetary donations, offering free supplies, and even send their teams of volunteers to participate in relief efforts.
The Sum Up
COVID-19 has changed life in many ways. The use of protective equipment, face mask, in particular, is one of them. With the CDC recommending everyone to wear face masks in public and the end of COVID-19 nowhere to be seen, people are increasingly opting for newer and more interesting ways to keep themselves protected. Some choose to wear stylish face masks while others use bandanas and snood hoodies to cover their mouth and nose. The key is to choose something that’s both comfortable and look good.

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