You might think with the marketing industry becoming increasingly digitized, that promo products would be going out of style. On the contrary though, according to research, promo products encourage brand awareness and brand recall more than any other form of advertisement.

If that’s the case, then it’s not only important to invest in using promo products, but it’s also important to focus on the quality and value that the product will bring to end-users. Whatever the product represents for them is the association they will build with their brand.

hat makes a good promo product?

Simply put, what differentiate an okay promo product from a great one are two things: utility and value.

You want people to genuinely use your promo goods and attach positive value to them. The promo industry is saturated with standard USBs, pens, and phone covers, and sure they have utility but if you want to set your brand apart, you can really add a lot to the value of your product by aligning yourself with a luxury brand.

How will luxury products impact your brand?

Luxury promo products do more than just make the end-users happy, they also reinforce that your own brand holds the same standards of quality.

It works a bit in the same way celebrity endorsement and product placements would work as a marketing tool. Take the brand Canada Goose for example. Over the year, the brand name has become synonymous with luxury clothing.

This isn’t just because of the hefty $500 plus price tag; it’s also because of the image they’ve created for themselves. From celebrity sightings to sponsorships and magazine covers, they’ve nestled themselves into consumers’ minds along with glamor and luxury.

Canada Goose also sets a great example of how branding does not need to revolve around the same stereotyped products and markets. Their collaboration with digital artisan Eepmon goes to show that when it comes to adding value to your brand, you don’t need to be limited by your industry – even when it comes to opposing ends of the spectrum like apparel and digital art.

Luxury promo products don’t need to break your budget!

Just because you’re going to use luxury promo products for your brand doesn’t mean that you need to go above and beyond your budget. If you’re working with us, you can get affordably source name brand products, and add your logo recognition to it.


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