The psychology of how color impacts us is backed by years of research and theories. However, skeptics still argue that how we perceive color has a lot to do with our own subjective experiences and preferences. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree, the fact is that color is a crucial part of promoting products we use on an everyday basis, and a core strategy used in marketing all over the world.
Here’s a list of 4 ways color will impact your everyday life in the upcoming year.

  1. 1. Your Favorite Brands

The color of a brand often says a lot about the image they want to portray. Take Apple for example. With its neutral palette of blacks, steel grays, and white, the brand holds a distinct image of being classic, timeless, and elegant.
On the other hand, you have companies like Slack and Google with bright primary colors that immediately give the perception of creativity and diversity.
While brands usually have a default color palette associated with them, it doesn’t mean they can’t branch out when they want to. Google’s homepage logo often changes colors to symbolize different historical or current events. But even then, the shift in color is still a form of branding wherein the company attempts to portray itself as up-to-date or socially aware.

2. Fashion

You may have heard that black is the most fashionable color and white never goes out of style. While that may be true, the fashion industry is one of the most versatile industries when it comes to playing around with color.
In fact, color is such a fundamental part of fashion that each season, the Pantone Color Institute creates a report with a compilation of forecasts for future trends. For upcoming color trends in fashion for 2019, Pantone predicts a lively palette including colors such as bright orange and yellows, deep reds and mossy greens as well as light pinkish lavenders and coral.

3. Textiles

Upcoming textile trends are a blend of the classic and modern. While experts predict that vibrant, bold primary colors will be all the rage in 2019, there is also a forecast that muted neutrals such as mushroom gray and cool toned blues will also be popular as a reflection of modern, robotic elements of this day and age.

4. Home Décor 

Like the fashion industry, interior design also goes through seasonal shifts in color palettes. These are all reflective of changing trends, technology, and tastes. Don’t think home décor is restricted just to painting your walls. The colors that are trending tend to filter down into decorative pieces and cutlery too.
Predications for trending colors in 2019 include a combination of classic neutrals like terracotta, cream, and gray along with accents of brighter colors such as yellow. However, a standout trend is the growing popularity of misty pastels, especially blues and pink.

Color is such a fundamental part of everyday human life. It’s no wonder that industries try to use it in creative ways to reach their target audience. After all, there’s no better way to make a statement than to take something simple and make it extraordinary with a dash of color.



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