We are living in a content obsessed world. From traditional newspapers and magazines to social media and podcasts – the kind of content we engage in and interact with is an essential part of how we choose to live our daily lives. Creating a strong content marketing strategy for customer conversion can be one of the smartest decisions that you make for your business.

But it’s not as simple as spewing out pages of content day in and day out. A good strategy will consider things such as user experience and customer retention along with quality content to make sure that the strategy continues to pay off in the long run. Here are 4 essential tips for building a content marketing strategy to help customer conversion!

1. User Experience Matters

The first thing people are going to see when they click on your website – before they’ve even read your content – is the layout of the page itself. If you have a clunky, overcrowded and difficult to use webpage, you will risk losing potential customers almost immediately.

Make sure that you have an easy to navigate webpage with relevant, intriguing information about your business. You want to interest users enough to stick around for a little longer. But if your homepage isn’t interesting or inviting, chances are that they won’t stick around no matter how amazing your content is.

2. Give Customers Content to Make Informed Decisions

Your content should not just be geared towards promoting products. It should also have an element of educating consumers about what product suits them the best. Think of it this way – if you went to a website with products ranging from $1 to $100 with no idea of which one will meet your needs, you would prioritize saving some money and go for cheaper options.

On the other hand, if you provide customers with info graphics or creative and informative content, you’ll be able to get them to engage more deeply with your website and brand.

3. Give Insights to Your Brand

Don’t be afraid to show off your brand a little. Show videos of behind the scenes, or of team interviews to get customers more acquainted with how you work, not just what you work with. This will build trust with your brand and increase chances of them engaging more with you out of pure interest in your work ethic.

4. Stay Relevant

Keeping your content relevant requires effort, dedication and a lot of time. But it is one of the key factors in retaining customers. If they keep coming back to your website and find the same content recycled over and over, they’ll get bored and might stop coming back altogether.

However, if you stay on top of trends, customize your products and services according to seasons, what’s viral on the internet and current events, you’ll get more engagement.

Keeping these points in mind will translate into your content marketing being tailored to your long-term goals instead of giving immediate results that don’t pan out in the future. Keep your head in the game not just to play, but to win!


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